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iPhone Apps I Recommend

UPDATE: It seems the icons didn’t come across :/ I will work on getting these posted soon. In the meantime, here’s a PDF version

So, I have been an avid iPhone user for about 1 year now. I have amassed quite a collection of apps, and given many a test drive only to delete them. The following is my list of ones that I recommend (as of August 2011!).

Apps I recommend:

Name Icon Link
Twitter pastedGraphic.pdf View In iTunes
Agenda pastedGraphic_1.pdf View In iTunes
Foursquare pastedGraphic_2.pdf View in iTunes
Google+ pastedGraphic_3.pdf id447119634
Facebook pastedGraphic_4.pdf
Wikiamo pastedGraphic_5.pdf
Evernote pastedGraphic_6.pdf
Consume pastedGraphic_7.pdf
Holy Bible pastedGraphic_8.pdf
Find NZ pastedGraphic_9.pdf
Shop Savvy pastedGraphic_10.pdf
Yellow pastedGraphic_11.pdf
Gas Cubby pastedGraphic_12.pdf
Faces pastedGraphic_13.pdf
Flashlight** pastedGraphic_14.pdf
Instagram pastedGraphic_15.pdf
TradeMe pastedGraphic_16.pdf
GeorgeFM pastedGraphic_17.pdf
Waze pastedGraphic_18.pdf
RunKeeper pastedGraphic_19.pdf
Shazam pastedGraphic_20.pdf
Skype pastedGraphic_21.pdf
Wunderlist pastedGraphic_22.pdf
Do5 pastedGraphic_23.pdf
ReaddleDocs pastedGraphic_24.pdf
Viber pastedGraphic_25.pdf
Dropbox pastedGraphic_26.pdf
GrocerySmart pastedGraphic_27.pdf
Hello Vino pastedGraphic_28.pdf
Menus pastedGraphic_29.pdf
Subway pastedGraphic_30.pdf id380354815
VoucherMob pastedGraphic_31.pdf
Rowmote pastedGraphic_32.pdf
Remote pastedGraphic_33.pdf
LinkedIn pastedGraphic_34.pdf
NotifyMe2There is a lite (free) version available somewhere pastedGraphic_35.pdf
Flicks pastedGraphic_36.pdf
Tap Forms Database Lite pastedGraphic_37.pdf
Dealshrimp pastedGraphic_38.pdf
TV listing pastedGraphic_39.pdf
Speakers (Airfoil) pastedGraphic_40.pdf
SCVNGR pastedGraphic_41.pdf
Marco Friend Locator pastedGraphic_42.pdf
iKiva pastedGraphic_43.pdf
NatureSpace pastedGraphic_44.pdf
IMDB pastedGraphic_45.pdf
StumbleUpon pastedGraphic_46.pdf
Instapaper pastedGraphic_47.pdf
Kindle pastedGraphic_48.pdf
Dictionary pastedGraphic_49.pdf
Sleep Cycle pastedGraphic_50.pdf
Bump pastedGraphic_51.pdf
Ispeedy pastedGraphic_52.pdf
AKL airport pastedGraphic_53.pdf
TripIt pastedGraphic_54.pdf
TripDeck pastedGraphic_55.pdf
Alarm Clock pastedGraphic_56.pdf
iStudiez lite pastedGraphic_57.pdf
Find iPhone** pastedGraphic_58.pdf
TransitTimes pastedGraphic_59.pdf
Recco pastedGraphic_60.pdf
Good Reads pastedGraphic_61.pdf
TrafficAKL pastedGraphic_62.pdf Or View In iTunes
Pano pastedGraphic_63.pdf
Entertainment pastedGraphic_64.pdf